Specialist Advice in Education and Culture

For this service, which covers all aspects of the student’s application, one of EdmissionUK’s senior academic consultants will be allocated to work in depth with the student/parents, depending on the subject chosen – please see About Us for a full list of EdmissionUK consultants. A standard consultancy usually commences 18 months prior to the student’s entry to University, on 1 April each year, and is conducted during standard UK office hours.


More specifically this consultancy package will cover:


• Accurate and precise consultancy with students and their parents or guardians on choosing the most appropriate universities and university courses;


• Responsibility for all aspects of the UCAS form and ensuring references are supplied well in advance of deadlines;


• Assistance with all aspects of applications to private Universities or Colleges, where applicable (i.e. not through UCAS);


• Unlimited advice on personal statement;


• Advice on references and predicted grades where specifically requested by the school;


• Responsibility for ensuring that all deadlines are met (UCAS form, supplementary tests and any written work required to be submitted);


• Assisting with supplementary forms and questionnaires;


• Liaising, where necessary and appropriate, with specific universities and admissions tutors on behalf of the students and their parents or guardians;


• High quality interview guidance with leading academics in the subject area (2 mock interviews and feedback in total)


• Assisting students in choosing their Firm and Insurance offers after all 5 universities have made their decisions.