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Satish graduated in Mathematics from Cambridge University (Christ’s College). During the first three years, whilst studying towards the BA degree, he gained a thorough knowledge and understanding in various areas of the subject.  In his fourth year he took on the challenge of Part III of the Tripos (generally acknowledged to be the hardest taught mathematics course in the world) specializing in pure mathematics and was successfully awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics, before later receiving the MA and MMath degrees. He was attracted in particular to the fascinating and mysterious world of number theory.


His interest in Fermat’s Last Theorem led him to study elliptic curves and modular forms in detail. Satish went on to carry out research in algebraic number theory at UMIST, under the supervision of Professor Sir Martin Taylor, a former Vice-President of the Royal Society.  Satish developed a strong interest in the learning process and in analyzing why and how mathematical concepts can present difficulties. He has taught maths privately and at a leading Cambridge Sixth Form College for three years. During this time he was also an A-level examiner for Edexcel.


Satish has several years of finance experience firstly with Deloitte and more recently with HSBC. Whilst at Deloitte he worked in audit and tax including a secondment to the Tax Policy Group. During this time he qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA). Satish subsequently joined HSBC as a product controller where he specializes in the valuation of structured equity and fund derivatives, and is currently working towards the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) qualification founded by Dr Paul Wilmott. He also holds the position of Treasurer on the board of Anxiety UK, a national mental health charity.










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