Specialist Advice in Education and Culture


The priority of the services offered by EdmissionUK is to put the potential and welfare of the student first, and to reassure both themselves and their parents/guardians that they are in the very best hands, academically and pastorally.


Here are some recommendations from parents, academics and students:


"Dr Owens and his team have been successfully helpful in the long and tricky process of my daughter's application to UK universities: he gave us his accurate opinion in the selection of the universities, his pertinent advice in the writing of the personal essay and his clever assertion on our final choices and the replies of the universities. We have been 100% satisfied as we got 5 positive conditional offers out of our 5 applications, and 2 final choices out of our 2 selections after my daughter's Baccalaureat results." Christian Bouriez, Brussels


“From our very first meeting with Lewis, he and his team put our mind at ease. Our son, having studied in the international education system, found the UK university admission process very daunting. But Lewis made it so much simpler for us. His advice on universities, course selection and personal statement was invaluable. He was very approachable and always found time for us. His team was also instrumental in preparing my son for the admission interview. Our son was accepted to UCL, his first choice college. We highly recommend EdmissionUK to all the students planning to study in the UK.” Pavan Kaushal, London


“Being absolutely clueless about the English university system and with my family and friends not being able to offer me any advice, I decided to turn to EdmissionUK. They pointed me in the right direction and offered invaluable advice regarding university choices and the application process itself. The support and information provided gave me the confidence to succeed, which helped me gain an offer from Cambridge.” DL


“As a parent and a member of the International Community, I am currently experiencing the process of having two teenagers at the age of applying for universities. Lewis Owens is totally committed to the future and well being of his candidates. With an extensive background and a diversity of challenges laid before him, due to the many different profiles of young adults wishing to enter the academic life, Owens clearly goes through the whole process of admission in a very personalized manner with each applicant and his parents or guardians, transmitting self confidence, due diligence and at the same time, stimulating each student to make their best effort to succeed at their objectives. At the same time, he also reconfirms my belief that as a parent, the active participation of the process with one´s child, not only does it generate a team spirit, but at the same time, it generates an additional bonus: Your child will never forget this time with you. Enjoy the process!” Frances Reynolds, Madrid.


"Dr Lewis Owens not only proved to be an expert on educational advice but also proved to be caring, supportive and extremely reliable. My daughter, having contracted glandular fever the previous year, had little hope of being accepted in a good university; through Lewis's guidance she managed to get great offers from top universities in London. The confidence, the support and the encouragement Lewis gave her knew no bounds." Mr S.Al-Hizami, London and Saudi Arabia


“I have recommended Lewis and EdmissionUK to many friends with full confidence that they would be more than pleased. Judging from my daughter Margaux's experience Lewis has been instrumental all along the path. It started with determining which studies to go for: business, management, international relations etc. all the way through selecting the courses and thinking through the personal statement. Until the final acceptance in mid-July after her baccalaureate Lewis was available and actually became critical at the very last minute in making sure Margaux would not have to wait the full summer to be accepted at CASS Business School. Once again I can only recommend Lewis and EdmissionUK for the quality of advice and their availability.” Mr Georges Saier, London and Paris


“Dr Lewis Owens has extensive and unparalleled knowledge of the Higher Education System in the United Kingdom. He is able to offer effective and practical advice to young adults seeking higher education opportunities at leading institutions. Dr Lewis Owens offers a prompt and thoroughly professional service and establishes a close rapport with his clients. He is easy to communicate with, caring and very supportive. His advice is clear, concise and honest. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Lewis Owens and his company EdmissionUK to anyone seeking expert guidance on the higher education in the UK.” Mr SR Sheikh, London


As Americans, we needed help navigating the UK university admissions process. Dr. Owens was an excellent support for my daughter in choosing academic programmes that best suited her talents, interests and preferences. He did this by meeting her, getting to know her and thus was able to guide her on her personal statement as well. Lastly, after receiving mock interview preparation with an expert in her chosen field, Psychology, my daughter walked into very competitive interviews with confidence and poise that made all the difference. Dr. Owens was available for support during the period in which we waited for results, taking our concerns and questions seriously. We were very pleased with the service and the results and I highly recommend EdmissionUK for assistance in UK university admissions. Katherine Ashdown, London.


“We have contacted Dr Owens as advisor for our daughter. He has given us all the keys to understand and find the best education system for our daughter. Dr Owens is an expert and very professional person. He knows very well the subject and feels the needs of people within the first contact. We had a very friendly contact with him and we can only recommend Dr Owens.” Freddy and Aimée Argi, Switzerland


“Despite being a top student, my son had no success with his university applications the first time around.  Upon investigation, we found out that this was mainly due to a poorly constructed personal statement.  My son had to take a gap year and re-apply. Through a recommendation, we turned to Dr Lewis Owens and his company for help as we wanted to close all loopholes this time around. From the beginning, Dr Owens and his team were very positive and enthusiastic in their support. They provided invaluable advice and guidance in writing the personal statement. As my son was applying to Cambridge, they also gave several mock interviews. Once again, my son felt that these were extremely beneficial as preparation for the real thing.  Happily, this year my son has so far received offers from four universities to study Engineering, including Cambridge. We spend so much time, effort and resources on our children’s education – acquiring the services of EdmissionUK ensures that they cross the ultimate university hurdle as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  All I can say is that I wish I had had the help and support of Dr Lewis and his team the first time around. Najwa Al-Nawab, Dubai


"Choosing the right university and the appropriate academic orientation is not easy for students who have not followed the traditional British "A-Levels" courses, and parents educated outside of the UK can find it hard to properly guide their children throughout the complexity and diversity of what is offered. Understanding the peculiarities of the UCAS application system is also quite challenging. EdmissionUK has helped us determine and implement the right strategy for our daughter, who gladly received and accepted a firm offer from her first choice at the University of St Andrews. Lewis and Michael's vast experience in and knowledge of the British university system have been precious, and their availability and kindness when dealing with us have facilitated a process that could otherwise have been much more stressful or simply gone wrong. We highly recommend their service. Isabelle and Eric, London


“I was terrified before the first practice session but I quickly realised that talking about philosophy and theology with experts from EdmissionUK who loved the same subject was actually fun! After two more practice interviews which I enjoyed immensely, the prospect of the real thing was much less daunting. Being used to the interview situation allowed me to relax a bit more in my real interview and even enjoy it! I was subsequently offered a place by Oxford. Chloe Cesar, London


“The mock interviews I had with Dr. Alsford, Dr. Owens, and Dr. Dixon were essential in giving me confidence on the real day. I was able to test my answers to tough questions and get constructive criticism which made me so much less nervous when I arrived at Cambridge and helped me to get an offer.” Cosima, London

“After years of work in US higher education admissions, I thought that I would have no trouble navigating UK university admissions. How wrong I was! Thankfully, Lewis Owens was able to answer every question, from the simplest to the most complex, with incredible clarity and precision. He has for seven years been the only resource that I use or recommend when it comes to UK university admissions. There is no one better placed to help students put forward the most compelling candidacy for admission, regardless of the course or university to which they are applying.” Lisa Montgomery, Chairman, Edvice Limited


"Dartmouth College always has students applying to various British universities, and I know how mystifying to them this process is. To put them in touch with Lewis Owens, who specializes in helping such people, will make the application process much easier for them and much more effective." Dr Peter Bien, Professor of English and Comparative Literature Emeritus, Dartmouth College, USA


"Given Dr Owens' extensive knowledge of the UK Education system, both as a university lecturer and as the Director of Higher Education for a sixth-form college, he is ideally placed to offer reliable and expert advice for international students on all aspects of their application to UK universities." Dr Thomas Dixon, Senior Lecturer and Admissions Tutor, Queen Mary, University of London


"Dr Owens knows the UK Higher Education system inside-out and is therefore able to provide invaluable advice regarding all UK Universities and courses that are offered. Furthermore, having studied and taught at Cambridge himself, he knows exactly what is required to give students the very best chance with their Oxbridge applications." Dr Martin Ruehl, Trinity Hall, College, University of Cambridge


Thank You Lewis! All our students that met you where very satisfied with your information. I hope that you will be able to come back to SSHL another year. Ingrid, SSHL School, Stockholm.


“As an international student, applying to UK universities was an obscure, complicated and stressful process for me. I haven’t had any idea about what the good universities in the UK were for my chosen field, economics, and how to increase the probability of getting in them. Dr. Lewis Owens gave me and my parents much more confidence in making sure I apply and try to get into the best suitable university for me. I very much appreciate Dr. Owens’ support from the very start of my application till the successful end of it, as I was accepted to my top choice – Durham University (as well as all other Universities to which I applied). Now, being in Durham has been the happiest period of my life, which would not have happened without the help of Dr. Owens! In addition to high professionalism of Dr. Owens, I would like to thank him for his friendliness, approachability and kindness.” Jamila, Russia


"We have been working with Dr Owens for the last 2 years for our children Alexia and William. What I especially appreciate is his knowledge of all the different choices and his ability to tailor-make a special education for his clients. There is just so much to look into and he can narrow it down to what is best for the student. It has been a great help for us - especially not living in the UK and definitely in need of his competence. We do definitely recommend Dr Owens and his team."Hermine Wachtmeister and Dennis Bergstrom, Stockholm.


"Trying to apply to British Universities was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Being able to talk to someone who knew the system back to front and could give me useful tips on how to make my application top notch was invaluable. Not only did my time with Lewis help my application, but it increased my confidence and decreased my stress. We had a mock Oxbridge shortly before my real interview, which helped me feel much more at ease on the day. I have since received offers from all of the universities that I applied to, including an unconditional offer from Edinburgh and an offer from Oxford! As an international student I would highly recommend working with Lewis and his team to enhance your application and increase your confidence and chances of success." Caroline, USA


"I decided to come to study for a degree in Genetics in the United Kingdom. I am from Mexico and not many students from that country apply to British universities, so it was difficult for me. I really wanted to enter into a leading institution and Lewis advised me and he helped me to focus my application on my strengths. He supported me in every aspect. I did my interview at Cambridge and I was offered a place. Without Lewis’s help I would not have managed it by myself! Moreover, I was offered places at all the other institutions to which I applied. They included top universities in the subject of my study such as the University of Edinburgh, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where I was offered a merit scholarship because of my outstanding application form, the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester. Working with Lewis was especially rewarding, as the skills that he taught me are useful beyond the university application process and can lead you to success in numerous situations during your academic life.”Ernesto, Mexico


“Having worked with Lewis for nearly two years in preparation for my PPE application to Oxford, I can recommend his services highly. Lewis has a very keen insight into British university admissions, which was instrumental in securing the success of my application. He was especially helpful in crafting my personal statement and discussing which colleges I ought to apply to. As an international student without much familiarity to the somewhat bewildering British university admissions system, Lewis' services were simply invaluable.” AW, USA


"Lewis has helped me and my brother to find an excellent variant of studies in the UK. I have completed my studies and now I am putting the results into practice. My brother is still studying. I can say that Lewis is professional in what he does. His devotion and responsibility make every complicated issue easier. Lewis is very accurate in every single matter. I strongly recommend Lewis to those who are looking for a School or University in the UK. Ardak, Kazakhstan.


The EdmissionUK company was recommended to us two years ago. Due to their truly professional, precise and overwhelming approach our goal was achieved: 4 of the six top rated London universities accepted our applications. We are very grateful to the company’s team and personally to Dr. Lewis Owens for their splendid work, absolute engagement, readiness to help and support. Therefore, we highly recommend their services to others seeking for the professional and comprehensive advice. Artyom and Anya, Russia.


Dear Lewis, I have been meaning to write to you for some time to thank you once again for all of the help you gave Henry last year with his university applications. I'm certain he could not have secured the places he won without your guidance. Thank you again. I have recommended EdmissionUK to a number of families. I wish you the best of luck. Regards, Therese, Paris


"Having been away from the UK for 10 years and having educated our children in Paris and Geneva, Lewis and his team were initially very helpful on focussing us on both procedure and timetable and then helping us to define our expectations and priorities with regard to the UK university system. As we progressed it proved extremely helpful to have their independent feedback, which proved a powerful counterbalance in concentrating our son's attention. At the crucial moments of finalising his personal statements and the formal applications themselves this proved invaluable. We were extremely happy with the final outcome and were thankful to Lewis and his team for their help." Jane & Roderick Gibbs, Geneva


“Dr. Owens provides a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding admissions to UK universities. His ability to work with any type of student applying to a series of vastly different universities is outstanding. His team consists of highly-qualified individuals, which is particularly important when preparing for an interview, as it is crucial to simulate the appropriate conditions. Dr. Owens manages to combine diligence and perseverance with joviality and sincere support. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Owens.” Michael, USA.