Specialist Advice in Education and Culture

Anastasia is a Deputy Head of Programmes at the Royal College of Music. She is a musicologist, writer, presenter, pianist, and opera director, and is an International Director of the Chopin Music Festival (Warsaw, Poland). Her research interests include nineteenth-century music, opera, Wagner and his influences on Russian composers, modern operas written on Greek dramas, and twentieth-century British music, and she published and presented widely on these topics. She is the author of Die tägliche Mühe ein Mensch zu sein (Wolke Verlag, 2013), and A Musician Divided: André Tchaikowsky in his own Words (Toccata Classics, 2013). She co-edited with Stephen Muir Wagner in Russia, Poland and the Czech Lands: Musical, Literary, and Cultural Perspectives (Ashgate, 2013), and her most recent work is a collection of essays The Business of Opera, co-edited with Derek Scott, will be published in 2015 with Ashgate. She has appeared as presenter and researcher in the documentary André Tchaikowsky (entertaining:tv, 2013).  As opera director, she focuses on rarely staged works; her productions include Taneyev’s Oresteia (2009), Salieri’s Les Danaides (2010), and Vaughan Williams’ The Poisoned Kiss (2012).


Throughout her teaching career, she has taught such modules as Self-Promotion, Music Marketing, Working in the Creative Industries, Chamber Ensemble Performance, Introduction to Music Journalism, and Professional Skills. She has taught for seven years at the University of Leeds, and has expertise in both university and conservatoire provision. Having lived, studied, and worked in such diverse countries as Russia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom, Anastasia has a multi-faceted awareness of cultural perspectives and different approaches to Higher Education in and outside Europe.







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